One of the secrets of this excellent product is the raw material selected appropriate and captured more than 300 meters deep in places untainted what makes our species is exceptional oil ships. It is an oil Extra Virgin, because it matches the name of the oils only use mechanical means for removal. High temperatures are not used, do not use solvents. 

Extraction of oil without harm, without chemicals, such as olive oil, that's our philosophy. Sustained substance like millions of years ago, comes into its own in our body. 

Purified Oils 

99% of fish oils sold in the world are processed oil. They are chemically treated, from many sources poluidas oils, must necessarily go through distillation processes to neutralize harmful substances and oxidized. 

Of course, these oils lost natural antioxidants and vitamins that are subsequently replaced in synthetic form. The benefits of natural oils are lost. 
The concentrated oils are distilled, wherein the fatty acids are separated and then using a solvent to concentrate ethanol as alcohol. They become ethyl esters, and ceased to be ordinary oils. 

100% Natural 

The Verus oil is certainly a lipid extract, cold pressed, absolutely natural. The omega 3 fatty acids we need are DHA and EPA, two very sensitive to high temperature substances, as well as solvents and aggressive chemicals. Bioavailability is seriously diminished in these substances, but are treated with great care. 

High temperatures affect irreversibly substances, but do not go far to find an analogy to help us understand this, indeed, the fever that occurs in our body in response to an attack, can not pass 42oC, for a collapse would occur. Mention the high temperatures because it is the way they most oil manufacturers to sterilize low quality oils. Natural vitamins contained in our oil intact. These essential substances are recognized by the body and perform the necessary functions to their full potential. Unlike synthetic vitamins added, are not recognized and are discarded by the body. 

Most oils contain natural vitamins, because they are destroyed during chemical processes and distillation. 


Our raw material comes from traceable vessels, tracked by GPS, by the fisheries authorities of our country system. These ships maintain a health system HAACCP (Hazard analysis and Critical Control Points) is also monitored by the authorities. This coupled with our extraction facilities, has earned us the certificate GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), issued by the Ministry of Public Health, unparalleled in the industry. 

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