This standard also is utilized to minimize human error in the manufacturing process, preventing product contamination. The application of precise procedures and the development of these standards enables production safely, with a particular benefit for consumers, it is the reliability of having a product tested throughout the production chain. The GMP certification laboratory ensures a high level of quality and safety in all processes 

The GMP certification, regulates the sector by reviewing the qualifications of personnel, procedures validation, verification and product management teams as determined by health authorities, based on international standards. 

Verus Biotech has obtained this official certification of Good Manufacturing Practice. Has given the Ministry of Public Health, having met all the requirements. Certification is about making our oil cold process, supporting concretely our production process. 

To certify these processes, it is quite difficult because more than having to maintain very high levels of excellence, should be traceability of all raw materials involved and that, in the case of marine omega-3, is key. There are certainly very few laboratories in the world that can show this certification on this product. In our region we are undoubtedly unique, but not only in the certification process but also in the cold. 

The GMP (GMP) certification is not yet required for dietary supplements, however, VERUS BIOTECH has requested and obtained reliably because we comply with all elements of a spread product and intend to also set new standards in the industry. 

Laboratories that produce capsules, across borders, have GMP certification, but solely on the manufacturing of the capsule, not the oil, which represents 99% of the capsule, it is important that this point is understood. The soft capsule is just a vehicle for dietary supplement or drug. 
Consumers are showing unprecedented interest in the way that food and drugs are processed and marketed, and increasingly demanding that their governments become involved in the food and pharmaceutical safety consumer protection. 

Why is this certification important? 

Because it shows that the raw material used to produce the oil is traceable, because we know when and where it was captured species, in which area of the ocean, what boat was developed and thus be certain of having performed on a ship health security and fisheries sustainability. This certification further endorses our facilities, machinery validates, verifies all involved professionals and most importantly what documents periodically. In effect, this means that we are in permanent medical audit. No laboratory dedicated to producing marine oil has done, why it is so important.
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