VERUS BIOTECH is dedicated to the preparation, portioning, and packaging of modified fish liver. Our food production is 100% natural and organic which provide Omega 3 with the essential nutrients that will come in different dosage forms.

VERUS BIOTECH was created with the purpose of making available to consumers high quality products that contribute to healthy living. Our company and our products are duly registered with the Department of Health. 


VERUS BIOTECH aims to be a leader in the development of omega 3 nutritional supplements by implementing the latest technology in order to create great value for our customers.
VERUS OMEGA-3 allows you to recover fully through which is a valuable component of the human diet. This product is manufactured in Uruguay and the United States


VERUS BIOTECH activities are designed and implemented in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, taking into account the occupational safety and environmental protection. VERUS BIOTECH agrees to comply with Good Manufacturing Practices and achieve complete customer satisfaction with quality products according to their expectations and based on continuous improvement. 

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