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VERUS BIOTECH is dedicated to the preparation, portioning, and packaging of modified foods extracted from the livers of deep sea fish. It is 100% natural with organic production, which provides natural vitamins and Omega 3 seafood (DHA and EPA).

Through a proprietary cold extraction process the structure and quality of nutrients remains unchanged VERUS firmly believes that marine-derived Omega 3 (DHA and EPA) are essential and absolutely necessary for modern life. Scientific evidence is growing on the importance of these substances. That's why we produce our oils in our own plant, in order to ensure quality of production.

We are dedicated exclusively to produce our own products and are registered with the Department of Health. The GMP (GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICE) certification regulates the sector by reviewing the qualifications of personnel, procedures, and product management   Verus biotech maintains the traceability of the product through its temperatures, latitudes, cold chains that maintain its original content.

Learn About Omega 3

When in the early 1970s, two Danish medical scientists, Dr. Jorn Dyerberg and Dr. Hans O. Bang, crossed an ocean and traveled in dog-drawn sleds through an icy extension in Greenland to obtain blood samples To the Eskimo settlers, some considered them delirious that they were wasting time and resources.

The two young scientists wanted to understand the cause of the very low cardiovascular death rate of Eskimos, whose diet was mostly marine fish and fats. Its original discovery consisted of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, such as DHA and EPA, and its cardioprotective benefits, which have now been confirmed by thousands of clinical trials in humans.

Since the first study presented in 1971 by Dr. Dyerberg, about 14,000 omega-3 papers have been published, including nearly 8,000 clinical studies. We have included some of these more recent studies on our site. Omega-3 fatty acids have also been elevated to the essential level, and DHA and EPA in fish oil have been found to contribute to many areas of health, being essential in brain structure and vision.

The most urgent issue for the 21st century is nutrition, with obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disorders all linked to diet. In this respect, omega-3s will play a really important role Due to the abundant information and marketing on all kinds of products, confusions such as omega 3 of VEGETAL origin, which basically contain the fatty acid ALA (alpha-linolenico), very abundant in diverse vegetal species. But it is an omega 3 short chain and does NOT contain DHA and EPA, being totally different.