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2012/03/13 HumR- Omega-3 Fats Positively Related to Sperm Morphology
2011/02/01 Andrologia - EPA and DHA Levels Benefit Male Fertility
2010/11/01 RPFNA – DHA Supplementation for Fertility and Cognition
2010/05/25 FS – Omega-3 FAs and Erectile Function and Vascular Health
2010/02/01 JLR – DHA Fully Restores Fertility And Spermatogenesis
2010/02/01 CN – Omega-3 FA and Male Fertility
2009/02/10 BrJC – Low Vitamin D Possible Risk Marker of Prostate Cancer
2007/08/08 JSBMB - Fish oil and Vit. D may inhibit prostate cancer cells.