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2012/04/14 AJCN Omega-3 PUFA Intake May Counteract Procarcinogenic Actions
2012/03/23 BMCC – Mediterranean Diet and Lower Risks of Breast Cancer
2012/03/09 EJCN – Omega-3 FA Beneficial in Patients with NSCLC
2012/02/14 LHD Multiple Roles Of DGLA Acid Against Proliferation Diseases
2012/02/01 NutC – Fish Oil Decreases C-reactive Protein/Albumin Ratio
2012/01/29 WJCD – EPA + DHA Better Than Aspirin on Inflammation and Angiogenesis
2012/01/25 AJCN – PUFAs and Reduction of Colorectal Polyp Risk
2012/01/01 Gut – Omega-3 FA for Treatment and Prevention of Colorectal Cancer
2012/01/01 CCT Vitamin D And Omega-3 (VITAL) For Cancer And CVD Prevention
2011/12/22 Blood Omega-3 FA Metabolite Selectively Ablates Leukemia Stem Cells
2011/12/21 CMR Eicosanoid Pathways In Progression of Colorectal Cancer
2011/11/03 CMR – Tumor Cell FA-Regulated Signaling and Transcription Factors
2011/10/28 Biofactors – DHA, a Powerful Adjuvant for Anticancer Treatment
2011/10/14 MedH Low Ratio Omega-6:Omega-3 FA May Achieve Cancer Protection
2011/10/11 PLEFA – Omega-3FA As Possible Therapeutic Agents In Breast & Prostate Cancers
2011/10/01 CII – DHA, Potential Anticancer Immunogenic Chemotherapeutic Agent
2011/09/14 LHD – PUFA Have Potential As Anti-Cancer Molecules
2011/08/15 Cancer – Fish Oil Increases Chemo Efficacy
2011/08/01 JACN – PUFAs Affect The Response To Anticancer Chemotherapy
2011/08/01 BPRCEM – Vitamin D and Cancer
2011/05/31 MedH Anticancer Effects Of Vitamin D And Omega-3 PUFAs Combined
2011/05/05 JN – Fish Oil Rapidly Incorporates EPA into White Blood Cells
2011/05/01 GTKR – EPA Helps to Resolve General Debility During Chemotherapy
2011/04/04 Cancer – Fish Oil Provides Benefit To Lung Cancer Patients
2011/03/17 CarcinoG Increased Omega-3 Tissue Status Suppresses Tumorigenesis
2011/03/15 IJC Dietary PUFA And Breast Cancer Risk In Chinese Women
2011/02/28 Cancer – Fish Oil Benefits Post Chemo Weight & Muscle Mass Maintenance
2011/02/01 JN Marine Fatty Acid Intake Is Associated With Breast Cancer Prognosis
2011/01/08 BJC – EPA On Lean Body Mass In Cancer Cachexia
2010/11/01 NC – Omega-3 FA Benefit Head And Neck Cancer Patients Undergoing Major Surgery
2010/10/15 IJC Omega-3 FAs May Reduce Pancreatic Cancer Risk
2010/10/01 JN – PUFA Supplements Affect Nutritional Status in Cancer Patients
2010/10/01 Breast – Modifying Fats Towards A Primary Prevention Of Breast Cancer
2010/09/01 Lipids Chemopreventive Effect Of Ratios Of Fish Oil
2010/09/01 PLEFA – Fatty Acids and Prostate Cancer Risk
2010/09/01 CarcinoG DHA Alters Signaling To Inhibit Cancer Growt
2010/08/01 CN Omega-3, A Preventive Agent For DNA Damages And Potential Cancer  Inhabitant
2010/07/15 PLR Regulatory Activity of PUFA in T-Cell Signaling
2010/07/01 CEBP Fish Oil And Breast Cancer Risk Reduction
2010/07/01 LHD – Fish Oil Decreases Inflammation and Protects DNA
2010/06/15 BLL – PUFA: Heart Disease, Cancer, Immune Resistance and Mental Depression
2010/05/01 AJE – PUFA and Bowel Cancer Risk
2010/05/01 AJCN – Omega-3 Supplements for Women With High Risk of Breast Cancer
2010/04/01 PLEFA FAs and breast cancer: the role of stem cells
2010/03/26  Gut Fish Oil May Reduce Bowel Cancer Risk
2010/03/06 ECR – Omega-3 FAs in Cancer Protection
2010/03/06 BMCC – Maternal O-3s May Decrease Breast Cancer Risk In Daughter
2010/03/01 COCNMC Nutritional And Clinical Significance Of Lipid Rafts
2010/01/01 NutC – Omega-3s as Adjuncts to Cytotoxic Therapies for Cancers
2010/01/01 CMC Chemoprevention Of Lung Pathologies By Omega-3 FA