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2012/03/02 - CCEV - Nutritional Management of Osteoarthritis
2010/05/01 - JVIM – EPA and DHA for Feline Degenerative Joint Disease
2010/03/01 - JAVMA – Omega-3 FAs and Carprofen Dosage in Dogs with Osteoarthritis
2010/01/01 - JAVMA – Fish Oil On Weight Bearing in Dogs with Osteoarthritis
2008/02/01 - JNB - Dietary fish oil may exert beneficial effects on synovial fluid in joints
2007/12/01 - JAVMA – Omega-3 FAs Modify Inflammatory and Immune Responses In Dogs
2006/07/01 - JN – Risk Factors in Hip Dysplasia and Elbow Arthrosis in Labradors