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2012/08/01 CEA Fish Oil Benefits Developing Infant Immune Responses
2012/07/01 MCN – FA Composition of Bolivian vs. US Mother’s Milk
2012/06/12 PLEFA Boys and Girls Respond Differently to DHA Supplementation
2012/06/06 BJN Omega 3 FAs, Gestation And Pregnancy Outcomes
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2012/03/20 Pediatrics – Omega-3 FAs Benefit Fetal Growth and Arterial Wall Thickness in Childhood
2012/02/21 BJN Fish Oil Supplementation During Early Infancy On Neurodevelopment And Language
2012/01/31 PLEFA – PUFA Rates to Determine Preterm Infant Requirements
2012/01/24 JPEN Improved Outcome in Neonatal Short Bowel Syndrome Using Parenteral Fish Oil
2012/01/15 AdvN EPA and DHA: Health Benefits Throughout Life
2011/12/21 HMG Children’s PUFA Levels Related to Their Own Metabolism
2011/09/01 Pediatrics DHA In Pregnancy May Ward Off Babies’ Colds
2011/08/20 JPGN – Increased DHA and Decreased LA Intake for Optimal Milk Composition for Infant Health
2011/08/08 PAI – Allergic Disease in Relation to Omega-3 FA and Maternal Omega-3s
2011/08/01 CN Progressive Increase Of LCPUFA Levels From Mother to Infant
2011/06/22 CCT – Omega-3 LCPUFA to Reduce Allergic Disease in Childhood
2011/05/09 AJCN – In Utero Omega-3 Provides Neurophysiologic And Neurobehavioral Benefits In School-Age Children
2011/05/01 PLEFA Perinatal LCPUFA Status and Brain Development
2011/04/24 MCN FAs on Immune Function of Children in Low-Income Countries
2011/04/21 MCN – LCPUFA Conversions in Pregnancy, Lactation and First 2 Years of Life
2011/04/11 COO DHA and AA May Protect Nonbreast-Fed Infants Against Visual Development Abnormalities
2011/04/04 MCN LCPUFA Impact on Growth and Neurobehavioural Development in Humans
2011/04/01 AJCN Prenatal Fatty Acid Status And Child Adiposity
2011/03/29 BJN Growth In Pre-Term Infants Supplemented With DHA
2011/03/01 IJERPH – Mercury in Urban Pregnant Population
2011/03/01 EHD DHA In First Year Of Life Enhanced Cognitive Development
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2010/12/01 JPS – Omega-3 FAs Suppress Inflammatory Cytokine Production
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2010/07/01 EHD – Omega-3 FAs Benefit Premature Infant Development
2010/06/01 FNB – DHA Supplementation During Pregnancy on Gestational Age and Size
2010/04/04 PLEFA –DHA For Improving Development, Including Respiratory Health in Toddlers
2010/04/01 PLEFA – Effects of LCPUFA on Neurodevelopment in Childhood: Review
2010/03/23 BJN – Studies Addressing EPA and DHA intake for Children Needed
2010/03/01 AJCN Feeding Preterm Infants Milk With A High Dose Of DHA
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2010/02/01 NNWSPP – LCPUFA in Neurodevelopment and Growth
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2010/01/01 JFHC Milks For Infants And Toddlers