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2008/01/21 JN - n-3/n-6 FA ratio determines composition in dogs
2008/01/21 JACC – Omega-3 PUFA Improves Atrial Fibrillation in Dogs
2008/01/01 CR - Omega-3 Supplementation Can Reduce Atrial Fibrillation In Canines
2007/12/20 JN - n-3 fatty acids improves cholesterol in canines.
2007/03/01 JVIM - Fish Oil Supplementation Reduces Arrhythmia In Boxers With ARVC
2006/09/01 JVIM – Omega-3 Diet May Be Helpful In Dogs With Chronic Valvular Disease
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1998/11/01 JVIM – Canine heart failure associated with cachexia, alterations in fatty acids, and reduced caloric intake.