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2012/09/01 JAVMA – DHA Benefits Neurocognitive Development in Puppies
2009/03/01 WRND – DHA, Uridine, & Choline Increases Levels of Synaptic Membranes and Dendritic Spines
2009/01/15 DN – Uridine And/Or DHA Increases Synaptic Elements In Weanling Pups
2008/02/21 JLR – Liver determines the amount of DHA the brain receives in rats
2007/12/20 PLEFA - omega-3s may manage neurological injuries
2007/12/20 FASEB - high n-3 PUFA dietary intake exerts neuroprotective actions in an animal model of Parkinsonism
2006/07/21 JN – DHA Necessary During Gestation and Suckling Dogs
2006/03/01 JAVMA – DHA and Neurologic Development in Animals
2005/05/01 VT – Omega-6:Omega-3 Ratio May Benefit Dogs Of All Ages