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2011/12/22 Blood - Omega-3 FA Metabolite Selectively Ablates Leukemia Stem Cells
2011/11/17 IJC - Omega-3s Improve Endothelial Function And Elastic Properties in Smokers
2011/08/31 ATVB – ALA Impairs Arterial Thrombus Formation, TF Expression and Platelet Activation
2011/06/04 APMIS – Omega-3 and Sickle Cell Disease
2011/02/01 AJCN - Omega-3 And Soy Help Reduce Arterial Stiffness
2010/01/25 MOM - Omega-3 FA Exhibit Strong Antibacterial Activity with Oral Pathogens
2009/12/01 UJMS – Fresh Fish Oils Best and Increase Brain Phospholipid
2009/09/03 CB - Blood Test for Omega-3’s
2008/07/31 BloodP – Fish oil modulates blood pressure
2008/07/01 MCP – Lifestyle changes, red yeast rice, fish oil reduced LDL-C similar to statins.
2007/08/01 Hypert - Foods Containing Omega-3s Help To Lower Blood Pressure
2007/03/19 AJC – Safety Considerations With Omega-3 Fatty Acid Therapy
2007/03/19 AJC – Omega-3 FAs and Bleeding, Cause for Concern?
1998/07/01 JTT – Fish Oil Supplementation Shows No Adverse Effects With Warfarin
1996/08/01 AJCN – Fish Oil May Improve The Symptoms Of Pruritus In Hemodialysis Patients
1983/03/01 Athero – EPA and Platelet Function, Viscosity, and Red Cell Deformability