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2012/02/04 AJCN – Fish Oil Enhances Effects of Strength Training in Elderly Women
2010/10/27 Menopause Omega-3 FA for Depression in Menopausal Transition
2010/03/25 Br J Nutr.–fish oil in pre- and post-menopausal women increased oestrogen levels
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2005/01/01 AJE Omega-3s From Fish Associated With Less Risk Of Cataract
2004/11/01 JAD Less Risk For Depression Found In Women Who Regularly Eat Fish
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2004/07/01 JNutOmega-3 Fats Associated With Lower Levels Of Inflammatory Markers
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2004/01/01 AJCN Optimal Omega FAs For Improving Retention Of Cognitive Function In Old Age