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2011/10/01 CII – DHA, Potential Anticancer Immunogenic Chemotherapeutic Agent
2011/02/01 JI – Omega-3 Resolvins for Controlling Virus-Induced Ocular Inflammation
2010/05/01 FEMSML – EPA Involved In Bacterial Cell Entry or Blockage
2008/12/17 PBC EPA supplement for malignancy-related weight loss in children
2008/12/11 Aquaculture Pro-Inflammatory Expression In Replacing Fish Oil With Rapeseed Oil/Farmed Fish
2008/10/08 CanL Rationale For Using Long-Chain N-3 Pufas In Cancer Prevention And Treatment
2008/08/08 MinP Omega-3: From Cod-Liver Oil To Nutrigenomics
2008/07/25 Lipids – Fish oils observed as therapeutic for the immune system
2008/06/01 EBM – Omega-6/3 Ratio in Cardiovascular and Chronic Diseases
2008/05/16 CP – Research on fish oil has shown its various benefits in prevention of illness and disease
2008/04/25 Nutrition – Fish oil maintained blood levels in rats with sepsis
2008/03/01 HMR – High Omega-3 Improves Insulin Sensitivity, Reduces CRP and IL6
2008/01/21 MP – DHA may help kill cancer cells
2007/11/27 ZWCWKZZ omega-3PUFAs inhibit the growth of gastric cancer cells through promoting apoptosis
2007/09/01 SWJ Omega-3 PUFAs Anti-Inflammatory Properties Alleviate Many Common Diseases
2007/08/27 AR – Omega 3s can lower triglyceride levels in AIDS patients.
2007/05/01 PNS Effects Of Omega-3 FAs Improve Immune Function