Welcome to Verus Biotech

VERUS BIOTECH is dedicated to the preparation, portioning, and packaging of modified foods extracted from the livers of deep sea fish. It is 100% natural with organic production, which provides natural vitamins and Omega 3 seafood (DHA and EPA).

Through a proprietary cold extraction process the structure and quality of nutrients remains unchanged VERUS firmly believes that marine-derived Omega 3 (DHA and EPA) are essential and absolutely necessary for modern life. Scientific evidence is growing on the importance of these substances. That's why we produce our oils in our own plant, in order to ensure quality of production.

We are dedicated exclusively to produce our own products and are registered with the Department of Health. The GMP (GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICE) certification regulates the sector by reviewing the qualifications of personnel, procedures, and product management   Verus biotech maintains the traceability of the product through its temperatures, latitudes, cold chains that maintain its original content.